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Spring Clean Your Makeup and Skincare Products

spring clean

Use this time at home to have a good spring clean of your makeup and skincare products collection and throw away any expired products.

All makeup and skincare products come with an expiry date once they’ve been opened. If you’re a bit of a beauty enthusiast and have a tendency to buy more products than you need, it’s likely there are a few products in your makeup bag or bathroom that need to go in the bin! 

Check for expired products

It’s important never to use expired skincare because the preservatives in them are only designed to work for the amount of time the product should be open for. This means that by using expired products, you could be exposing your skin to bacteria. Another reason to avoid expired products is that many active ingredients lose their effectiveness over time, so the product might not work as well.

To make sure you never have to deal with throwing away expired products again, it’s a good idea to rethink your approach to skincare. You don’t need to have lots of different products. Skincare routines don’t have to be complicated, just consistent, using high-quality, well-chosen products. 

Get the Essentials

There are only a few products that are really essential to a great skincare routine. The first is a cleanser. The next product that you need is an exfoliator. Exfoliation is essential for clear, smooth, radiant skin. Choose one that is gentle but effective and make sure that you only use it twice a week to avoid over-exfoliation. Next, you need a moisturiser. It’s important to choose a good quality moisturiser that will protect and hydrate your skin.

SPF is a Must

Take some time to research what extra ingredients your skin needs before making your choice. The last product that is absolutely essential to every skincare routine is SPF. It is imperative that you protect your skin from the sun as it is a major cause of premature ageing and pigmentation problems, not to mention the risk of more serious skin issues.

Give your brushes a good clean

Clean makeup brushes once a week. When you use your brushes, bits of dirt, oil, makeup and even bacteria can get trapped in the bristles. Using your brushes on a daily basis but skipping cleaning can lead to blocked pores and breakouts.

Here’s how to clean them up: Put a drop of mild shampoo (baby shampoo is perfect) into the palm of your hand. Wet the bristles with lukewarm water. Then, massage the bristles into your palm to distribute the shampoo into the brush. Avoid getting the metal part of the brush wet/or the base of the brush hairs because the glue could soften and the bristles could fall out. Rinse the shampoo out and squeeze out the water with a towel. (Repeat until the water runs clear). Lay the brushes on their side with the bristles hanging off the edge of the counter to dry.


If you use your makeup regularly chances are it will run out before it needs chucking. A good rule of thumb though is to check for changes in consistency, smell and texture.  Making sure makeup brushes are clean will also help prevent contamination with bacteria. Mascara however will only last 3-6 months. Every time you use your mascara you are ‘double dipping’ so it really doesn’t keep very long as the risk of bacteria breeding is high. If you’ve got any old mascaras get rid. 

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